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This policy highlights key points about Petra Ride’s privacy practices (including what information Petra Ride collects, when it is collected and the reason for collecting such). Each time a user accesses or uses the services or provides Petra Ride with information, the user is consenting and approving the practices defined in this privacy policy. Customers entrust Petra Ride with sensitive information when using its service, in light of that, Petra Ride is determined to keeping that trust by allowing all and every customer understand the privacy practices Petra Ride has adopted.

Effective Date: 01/08/2019

1. Scope & Targeted Users

This Privacy Policy (herein referred to as the “ Policy”) applies to all users of Petra Ride’s services anywhere in the world, including without limitation; users of Petra Ride apps, websites, features or all other services (herein referred to as the “User/Users”), alongside drivers, transportation companies, or any other person/entity who use Petra Ride’s platform under license (collectively herein referred to as “Captain/Captains”).

2. Collection of Data & Information

Petra Ride collects data and information; (i) either provided by Users and Captains, (ii) collected through the use of services provided by Petra Ride, or (iii) collected from other sources.

  • A. Data and Information provided by Users and Captains include that of user profiles, user content, background check information and demographic data, which are all directly submitted when creating or modifying the account of the User and/or Captain. Such Data and Information may include: name, phone number, email address, payment method, financial and credit card information, postal address, profile picture, and other information the User and/or Captain choose to provide. In adherence to the laws and regulations, Petra Ride refrains from deliberately collecting any data or information from individuals under the legal age of 18, as Petra Ride requires that all users represent and confirm that they are at least 18 years old.
  • B. Data and Information collected throughout the utilization and usage of services provided by Petra Ride includes information that could be used to contact the User and/or Captain directly such as full name, phone number, postal address or email address and/or credit/debit card information. Alongside the personal information, Petra Ride collects demographic information (i.e. post code, street name, building no., city, country, etc.) in addition to personal data including but not limited to username, gender, device type and information, mobile operating system, IP address, network information, SMS data, Time-zone, searching history information, browsing history information and device current location “GPS”.
  • C. Data and Information collected from other sources are that provided by third parties, including for example marketing service provides, Users’ employers which have concluded a contract with Petra Ride; providing it with the Data and Information of its employees to facilitate the provision of Petra Ride Services, Insurance companies, Petra Ride business partners through which the User and/or Captain have created or accessed his Petra Ride account from, such as social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc.), payment providers or apps or websites who use Petra Ride APIs or whose APIs Petra Ride has used or is using, and Data and Information which have been collected for the same individual but in a different capacity such as a Captain switching into a User and vice versa.

3. Utilization and Security of Collected Data & Information

All Collected Data and Information are fundamental for Petra Ride to guarantee quality of service and the precision of delivering such. The provided Data and Information are what improve and develop the services and opportunities Petra Ride offers to both its Users and Captains. For instance, the facilitation of the entire payment process starting from the filling of Transaction information and ending with the payment receipt is all reliant on the data and information provided by Users and Captains. Communications carried between the User and Captain whether through telephone communications or text messages cannot be performed without the provision of the aforementioned Data and Information. Notifications for discounts and promotions, change of services, for Captain Arrival or even for tracking the ride are all dependent on the Data and Information provided by Users and Captains. The aforementioned portraits only a fraction of how important the Data and Information collected is key for Petra Ride to maintain and prosper in fulfilling its vision and mission.

Petra Ride acknowledges that all Information and Data disclosed by Users and Customers is considered confidential and secret. Both the User’s and Captain’s data is not available to any individual but the owner of the profile and the authorized personnel at Petra Ride. Petra Ride will never proactively demand for any personal or private information. Petra Ride will take reasonable standards of care in keeping all Data and Information secure and undertakes not to share such Data and Information in any unlawful manner and unless for business related purposes and for the achievement of Petra Ride’s vision and mission. Petra ride holds the right to determine under its own discretion the need to share the provided Data and Information and the entity it shares it with. The Data and Information may be (for example) shared:

  • A. with Captains to enable them to provide the service.
  • B. with Users to ensure the sense of security and safety, in cases of complaints and in cases of recommendations and ratings.
  • C. with authorities, officials, and governmental entities that have the right to access such Data and Information in accordance with the Jordanian Law in cases of a law suit or complaint for example.
  • D. with potential investors that are interested in investing in Petra Ride or entities interested in purchasing shares in Petra Ride or business developers that are interested in enhancing the services provided by Petra Ride.
  • E. with any third party under the condition that the approval of the owner (User or Captain) of the Data and Information is obtained.

4. Permission Usage

Along with the Data and Information provided by Users and Captains, collected through the use of services provided by Petra Ride or collected from other sources, and upon downloading Petra Ride’s application, the User and/or Captain shall grant Petra Ride the permission and consent to access the location service, camera, phone, and storage of the device being used. Such grant will be needed for Petra Ride to carry out its services; The location service will allow the User to track the Captain and for the Captain to locate the User, moreover, Petra Ride will monitor all activities to ensure Safety and adherence to rules, laws and regulations by both the Captain and User. The Camera will allow the User to choose the Captain he deems suitable and appropriate, which is done through scanning a QR code located in the vehicle of the Captain. Accessing the Phone device itself will allow the communication between the User, Captain and Petra Ride for quality assurance and facilitation of services. The storage of the device will give access to the documents provided by the Captain ( e.g. personal picture, indemnification, etc.) and User as well. Note, the above mentioned are merely examples of the benefits of granting Petra Ride consent for accessing location service, camera, phone, and storage.

5. Disclaimer

Petra Ride shall be excused if any Data and/or Information was disclosed without prior authorization in the case of a Force Majeure event. Force Majeure events include but is not limited to: (i) wars, riots, blockades, or acts of sabotage; (ii) threats or acts of terrorism; (iii) earthquakes, floods, fires; (iv) named hurricanes or cyclones, tidal waves, tornadoes, or other natural physical disasters; (iv) Virus attacks or hacking of servers, systems and/or any computer devices of Petra Ride.

Petra Ride non-discloser and security obligations stated above shall not apply to Data and Information which:

  • A. Is known to such party prior to learning of it from Petra Ride;
  • B. Is obtained by such party from a source other than Petra Ride which the User and/or Captain did not require such party to hold such secrets or information in confidence and did not limit or restrict such party’s use thereof;
  • C. Becomes public knowledge other than through the fault of Petra Ride;
  • D. Is required to be disclosed by any competent authority, official, or governmental entity;
  • E. Is required to be disclosed by such party (employer) to enforce its rights under one of Petra Ride’s enterprise solutions, to the extent required to enforce such solution; or
  • F. Is permitted to be used or disclosed pursuant to the terms of a separate agreement between the disclosing party and the receiving party, in which case such use or disclosure shall be governed by the terms of the relevant agreement.

6. Cookies

Petra Ride uses cookies in its website, online-ads and emails for multiple purposes including the authentication of Petra Ride’s customers from other users and the analysis of site trends and traffics in order to attain a general perspective of the customer online behavior and interests of individuals who interact with Petra Ride’s services. This helps Petra Ride provide its Users and Captains with a seamless experience free of discontent when browsing the website and also allows Petra Ride to improve the services it offers. By accessing and browsing Petra Ride’s and/or website, the user is agreeing to Petra Ride’s use of cookies.

Petra Ride encourages all Users and Captains to regularly visit this policy as updated versions of such may be available. Petra Ride may update or amend this policy in compliance with the laws and regulations or in order to enhance and improve the service provided. All Users and Captains will be notified on such change through Petra Ride’s App, Website and/or through emails, SMS and push notifications.

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